Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs
Dental Practice Management Coach

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Gary Takacs is a well-known presence in dental practice consulting with 40 years of experience. He brings deep knowledge of the individual elements of business success together with genuine compassion for the dilemma of the dentist in today’s insurance-driven culture.As the host of the Thriving Dentist Show, Less Insurance Dependence podcast, Co-owner of LifeSmiles Dental care, Gary’s main goal is to guide dentists and practice owners towards success.

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10 Elements of a Thriving Practice


Today, many dental practices struggle with various problems that restrict them from becoming the best practice they could be – a thriving, profitable & successful dental practice.

Each year many practice owners decide to sell their practice to DSOs just because they have been unable to transform their practice into a thriving and profitable practice.

A few reasons for many a dentist to lose hope in their practice would be one of the following reasons…

  • A practice that’s too involved with PPO plans
  • A practice that has an overhead that is too high to control
  • A practice that is unable to keep up with new technology
  • A practice that is unable to attract & keep the best team members
  • A practice that is unable to attract quality new patients
  • A practice that has an underperforming Hygiene Department
  • No systems implemented within the practice
  • Patients don’t seem to accept treatment recommendations

…just to name a few.

If you identify with either one of these issues in your practice, Do not lose hope!

At the time Gary bought his practice, Life Smiles with Dr. Paul Nielson, back in the year 2007, it was a practice filled with 34 PPO plans, with an overhead of 80% with Paul and Gary working 70-80 hours a week.

Within the years that followed, they were able to convert this half a million dollar practice into a very successful dental practice and as they got into developing LifeSmiles Dental Care, Gary discovered there were 10 core elements in building a thriving practice.

These are the same elements that have been fundamental in transforming Gary’s practice, Life Smiles to what it is today with over 500 5-star reviews on google and a high-performance team that includes a 3-day doctor week as well.

This study club session will focus on these 10 elements and proven strategies from Gary’s practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn & understand the 10 Core Elements of a Thriving Dental Practice
  • Develop a relationship-driven practice supported by the doctor and team
  • Learn how you can leverage these 10 Elements to develop an ideal practice that provides you with personal, professional & financial satisfaction


September 30th, 2021

6:30 PM ET to 8:30 PM ET (2 hours)

6:00 PM PT to 8:00 PM PT (2 hours)

CE Credits Offered for this Session: 2

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