Dr. Rich Hirschinger

Rich Hirschinger, DDS, MBA

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Dr. Rich Hirschinger is a Board-certified orofacial pain specialist at his private practice in Beverly Hills. He graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 1985, the USC Marshall School of Business in 2001, and he completed a 2-year full-time residency in Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2012. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orofacial Pain, a Fellow of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain, and a Clinic Supervisor on Wednesday’s at UCLA in the Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine residency. He holds two patents as the inventor of the gentle jaw, which became commercially available in March 2020.

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The Puzzle of Non-Odontogenic Pain: How to Account for Pain When You Can’t See a Cause from an Orofacial Pain Specialist


Orofacial pain is the newest specialty in dentistry. Dr. Rich Hirschinger, a Board-certified orofacial pain specialist and the inventor of the gentle jaw,  is happy to present this course on how to diagnose and treat patients with non-odontogenic pain.

In the past, if a doctor could not account for the source of a patient’s pain, treatment was still provided including root canals and/or extractions. If the pain did not resolve even after an extraction, it was assumed the patient was crazy or the pain was not related to the scope of dentistry. The patient was then very likely referred to a physician or they were told to just continue to live with their pain.

During Dr. Hirschinger’s presentation, you will learn about patients that had unnecessary dental treatment that did not relieve their pain since the pain was not odontogenic. You will learn how muscles can and do, cause severe pain that can cause patients to be very debilitated since no doctor had properly diagnosed their pain as being caused by muscles. You will learn how to diagnose trigeminal neuralgia based on a single PowerPoint slide. You will learn why most “TMJ” pain is not related to the TMJ.

Attending this Study Club session will likely save you the grief and aggravation of treating those patients who complain about what appears to be “dental” pain but the source of the pain is not related to their teeth or their occlusion.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the muscle referral patterns into teeth and the TMJ
  • Learn how to diagnose trigeminal neuralgia before doing irreversible dental treatment
  • Learn why most orofacial pain is not related to occlusion
  • Learn how to differentiate between myalgia and TMJ
  • Learn about occlusal dysesthesia
  • Learn the indications for trigger point injections and Botox


May 13th, 2021

6:30 PM ET to 8:30 PM ET (2 hours)

6:00 PM PT to 8:00 PM PT (2 hours)

CE Credits Offered for this Session: 2

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