Let’s build this community together!

iLD StudyClub Community Guidelines

Here are our Community Rules that will benefit every member:

  1. Please stick to the purpose of this community which is to share knowledge and build relationships among each member. We encourage you to participate in our events to get the most out of this community – we’re here to support YOU.
  1. During the meetings, please do not bring irrelevant topics to the discussion.
  1. Leave your self-interests before joining the meeting and no self-promotion or promoting someone else with a financial interest-unless approved by the iLD StudyClub team.
  1. Focus on giving! Be helpful inside of this community & promote the community outside the group to dentists & dental students.
  1. Ask questions, be active & responsive.
  1. No Hate speech or bullying – no negativity. All opinions will be treated with mutual respect unless they violate community rules. Treat your fellow community members with that same respect.
  1. iLD StudyClub Team has the right to deny entry to any member they believe will not be a good fit for the iLD Community. They are also allowed to boot out members who they believe are not acting in the best interest of the community. 
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